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What foreign languages do K-pop artists learn? Can they learn by themselves or they have to have special teachers? How it is in your situation? How many and what languages do you speak? (Even if you can just few words)
The foreign languages for K-pop artists mostly will choose the Japanese, Chinese and English. In my situation I learned from my work and friends...

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Your band has often changed its members. Why? And how did you all meet?
Ai藍:Because C’est La Vie « this is Life »
Kosuke孝介:We came together in a very natural way. You know for many bands it is the same…You have a friend, who knows somebody who’s friend is a musician looking for a band…

How would you describe your music style?
Ai 藍:We play what we feel like playing and if the result is good so that’s great !!! We don’t pay attention to the music style, it comes naturally, ...

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During the 23rd of February in the Wroclaw’s club “Firlej” (Grabiszynska 56) THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S have graced it’s shores during their European concert tour which took place between the 16th of Fabruary till 3rd of March. The band also planned to visit Russia, Finland, Germany, Holland, Great Britiain ad France but due to low ticket sales the concerts in Utrecht, London and paris were canceled. The finl tour is schedueled on the 26th of February in Germany.

The group is composed of 5 band mem...

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